About Todd

todd skoglund

Todd is the co-founder of South Boston Yoga, established in 2008 with David Vendetti as one of New England's premier and largest yoga studios. He is co-director of the South Boston Yoga 200hr Teacher Training, having trained some of Boston's most beloved teachers as well as many influencial teachers around the states and abroad. He also teaches at Equinox Fitness Clubs in Boston and leads workshops, trainings and retreats around the globe.

Todd has an extensive 20+ year background in Yoga, Martial Arts, Creative Movement, and Personal Training as well as a degree in Eastern Philosophy with a firm foundation in meditation and other internal arts.

He teaches with a fierce compassion grounded in intelligently creative classes to bring each student to a stronger, firmer understanding of their own body and health potential.

"I teach my students to move from their center through fun and creative movement, static and dynamic stretching, bodyweight conditioning and arm balancing/inversion work. I encourage transitioning with grace, articulation and control from one movement to the next to develop whole-body core strength, stable alignment, coordination and a greater range of controlled motion. I teach with light-hearted purpose and with great respect for my students' health and safety."

"I do not practice or teach any one exclusive “style” of yoga or movement. Instead, I try to filter all of my various influences: Ashtanga, Iyengar, Forrest, Vinyasa, Shadow, Budokon, Aikido, Hand Balancing, Capoeira, Jujitsu, Eastern Philosophy and Meditation, through my own practice and exploration. I do not believe in a separation of physical and spiritual practices. We all have our own path to lead us to health and happiness, and I live to bring my students along whatever path works best for them whether that's feeling strong in the gym or finding a moment of quiet in a hectic life."


email: toddskoglund@mac.com
facebook: todd.erik.skoglund
instagram: @toddeskoglund
south boston yoga: southbostonyoga.net
equinox: Equinox Fitness Clubs