Private Training Sessions

I offer private sessions and group classes in yoga, dynamic mobility, bodyweight training, primal movement, core strength conditioning, injury rehab and more. *30-90min sessions are available pro-rated from $100 per hour. $450 for five 1hr sessions, $850 for ten 1hr sessions. These prices are for yoga privates and core conditioning at South Boston Yoga. Weight training rates are higher, as are privates at other locations.

Private sessions can be stand-alone or continuing, or arranged as needed. They can be a great way to introduce you to the practice of yoga before taking group classes, to become familiar with some of the common poses and terms and structure of the class. They can also be a great way to focus on a particular issue that has come up for you in your own personal practice.

The format of a private is very much dependent on you, it may be a discussion and specific practice working on a particular pose, movement or issue, or it can be more therapeutic incorporating more hands-on adjustments and restorative postures.

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